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AntiFirewall 1.1 Build 074 (marsik200528) Download Torrent


Category: Security|Security Related
Developer: iNetPrivacy Software
Size: 210 MB
Seeds: 148
Peers: 64

AntiFirewall Firewall Terminator and anonymizer, which enables you to connect to newsgroups, FTP, ICQ, IRC and email, even if you are behind a firewall that blocks access to the programs you / programs protocols.The penetrate the firewall and connects to the Internet address you want, which makes it possible for you to read and write the news and use FTP, IRC, ICQ because firewall.Talk safely Perfect Strangers: place the computer won `t know your real IP address.all standard programs to connect to FTP / IRC / News / ICQ / e-mail is not supported. In some network configurations, AntiFirewall may not be able to break through the firewall blocks protocols / programs will be addressed. Please download and install our free trial version to make sure that it works with a specific configuration.-FTP: download / upload files via FTP using the standard software FTP, as CuteFTP Although FTP is blocked by the firewall; Your FTP connection is anonymous, ie your IP address is hidden from the FTP-server. AntiFirewall Supports all standard client programs FTP. -IRC: Chat with your friends using the standard program IRC, as Mirc, even if access to the IRC protocol is blocked by the firewall; , -ICQ: Stay in touch with friends and family, even from behind a firewall. -Usenet News: Read and post to newsgroups usually Guardian News software like Outlook, or an agent, even if the news access protocol, NNTP, is blocked by the firewall; (Only POP3 / IMAP) E-mail: read e-mails from your personal account, if you are at work and when access to POP / IMAP is blocked by the firewall. AntiFirewall suppors all standard email programs such as Outlook, and Eudora. TCP map (choice of experienced users): Connect anonymously on any server anywhere, even from behind a firewall. -30 This day the court