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ISO Creator 1.0 (x86) Download Torrent


Category: CD/DVD Tools|Virtual CD/DVD-Rom
Developer: CheapShareware
Size: 810 MB
Seeds: 104
Peers: 81

ISO creator utility that will quickly create a bootable ISO image, obtained from any source of information. It also has a very useful and easy to use boot option that when choosing will automatically write a boot image to a CD. File ISO, in fact, a digital photo of other disk; These files are encoded full geometry of the original disc. Using the ISO-Creator, you can create an ISO version of your favorite applications and games are excellent specimens in case the drive is lost or damaged. Through easy-to-use graphical interface, the program is very easy to use and ideal for any computer user regardless of their experience. Bootable CD-ROM is a CD, which will raise the computer. This means putting the CD in the CD-ROM drive and turn on or reboot the system. PC will boot the boot image from CD-ROM is enabled and control is transferred to the boot image. Bootable CD-ROM Nha CD, so you have inserted into your CD-ROM drive and Windows OS will start something of this CD-ROM. This is called a CD-ROM AutoPlay. The registered version of the program allows you to take advantage of using the internal boot image and choosing your own, which is ideal for creating a bootable CD ISO was created, and then burned back to CD.