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Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2014 Download Torrent


Category: Antivirus
Developer: Kaspersky
Size: 211 MB
Seeds: 150
Peers: 87

Kaspersky Anti-Virus eacute; Amp; Otilde an application; , n is powerful and reliable, to be this, that it is scarcely the PC, according to a wide range of malware threats TODDLER protect against. S is at work behind the scenes for the verification of Otilde; n and a small amount of pain, frequent updates Otilde; NS, while proactively protecting you young and emerging threats with viruses of acids. Use protection Otilde; n ga Ntilde essential; Oh? T together with Kaspersky Anti-Virus slow down your PC. Identifies suspicious websites and phishing websites? Technologies iacute; anti-phishing proactively detect fraud, advanced, and URL to make use of the data Otilde; n in will help to ensure that it is out of the cloud, real-time password; Disclosure and Y Otilde; n valuable information phishing sites. Integrated, so the URL Advisor eacute; N c Otilde add tags; the color codes for all the Web Links – Link to the warn you, from the danger level; not p | page afterwards. This prevents malware from exploitation; Otilde; n vulnerabilities on your PC? If your application has Otilde PC; or the ratio of vulnerabilities At Porto he had yet been updated T Otilde final correction; NS, cybernetic criminals eacute; ticos and malware GA BOY air can enter. In addition to the set his eyes on vulnerabilities, and directs the action of the surveys, Otilde Kaspersky Anti-Virus from the NS program you TODDLER vulnerabilities – so no harm.