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Marmalade SDK 6.4.1 Download Torrent


Category: Programming|SDK/DDK
Developer: Marmalade
Size: 210 MB
Seeds: 141
Peers: 59

CRE and euml; Creation and implementation of successful applications is becoming increasingly challenging. Programs should be out of the crowd, providing a more interesting experience with rich content. They also need to reach the widest possible audience, runs on IOS Android, and beyond.Marmalade SDK provides developers with the ability to create powerful applications euml; Jen, as well as delivery on all platforms or devices.Power and portability marmalade world? S is the most powerful SDK to create rich applications and games on IOS, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and other platforms. ? Unique monuments of architecture abstracts platform variations marmalade and offers direct access to the CPU and GPU – so you get maximum performance, flexibility and mobility in most smartphones and tablets. No virtual machines, code conversion? no compromise.Richer APIsOffers rich API set of cross-platform applications not SDK, including camera, microphone, GPS, accelerometer, compass and contacts? HTTP, sockets, Facebook, and access to the database? Compressed audio / video and sound mixing? Very complex user interface, 2D and 3D graphics support expandable to save native only APIsThe OS SDK allows developers a single code base, while fully use the native API, a platform for iOS and Android via Marmalade Extensions Development Kit (EDK) . Always cross-platform, but never the least common denominator.Open developers and standards-based can not write a simple C ++, using the C / C ++ standard libraries and OpenGL ES is fully supported. Open source modules usually compile out of the box and marmalade Code communities are constantly adding to the set of modules available for Marmalade apps.Enjoy single development environment to develop or Visual C ++, on Windows or XCode on Mac and never use the platform OS SDK again. The use of any target device not unlike a desktop development environments and platforms SDKs.Join growing community of 30,000 developers Marmalade Marmalade already chosen to take to continue their applications. Make sure that your applications are made with jam.