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MobiMB Mobile Media Browser 3.6 Download Torrent


Category: Mobile Phone Tools|Nokia
Developer: LogoManager
Size: 14 MB
Seeds: 100
Peers: 88

Take advantage of the liver STILL tel eacute; Nokia phones! Many modern stories toddlers Nokia handset into a full file manager (Galer iacute; a), which allows storing photos, ringtones, m MUSIC and other files supported by tel eacute; the telephone. MobiMB eacute; the first software product that allows full access to this resource in your tel eacute; telephone and tam eacute; n cont eacute; n lots of character iacute; stic special device spec tation iacute, inclu iacute; ing the ability of the computer to determine the operator logo, start and shutdown logos and m aacute; is (device-dependent). Navigate s STILL Galera iacute ae drag and drop images, MIDI files, images, m MUSIC and Java MIDlet and tel you eacute; phone from your hard drive! Bot oacute; n Right-mouse to determine the logo. The files can be ringtones, wallpapers of all colors, transparent color operator logos, startup logos or games and apps oacute; ns and other file types supported by tel eacute; the telephone. MobiMB installed on your PC with Microsoft Windows, and connect directly to your phone eacute; fono m oacute; bil through eacute; s cable is a password; ndar or infrared port (disp CHILD ible separately). Largest iacute, a new tel em phones Nokia Nokia account new technologies iacute; t aacute; ethyl polyphosphate oacute; nico, and now you can upload ringtones polyphenol FLYING own Tronic you from your PC! To load a ringtone, simply select a MIDI file on your hard drive, drop it in the ringtones folder Galer iacute, a, and the file aacute; Disp CHILDREN ible to use as ringtones. MIDI files can be created and edited with MIDI sequencer package is a password; ndar (ringtones ready Excludes iacute do, but many est aacute; n CHILDREN managed to free ables on various websites). Mobile tel em that supports MP3 ringtones and other formats Users can benefit from this f aacute; cil and r aacute; requested file manager. A number format color gr tation aacute; by STILL compatible with this phone tel em, inclu iacute; nd JPEG and GIF. Edit pictures using your favorite editor gr IMAGES, or use a ready-made, cut it to the size of the fall oe at tel eacute; the telephone! Storing photos on your PC by simply dragging and dropping in Windows Explorer. Java MIDlet that toddlers ed for use with your tel eacute; can be added to the phone’s STILL Games and Applications folders oacute; ns.