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UserGate Proxy Server And Firewall 6.0.6763.22864 (bluesail) Download Torrent


Category: Internet|Servers|Proxy Servers
Developer: Entensys
Size: 53 MB
Seeds: 131
Peers: 86

UserGate Proxy Server Firewall is a complete and accurate application to control the use of the Internet, is designed to connect local users on the LAN to the Internet using only one connection line.It provides centralized control of all compounds that are used bandwidth and the time users spend online; automates calculation of traffic consumed, billing and reporting on the use of the Internet. UserGate Proxy Server Firewall provides flexible network administration with
Mologa – predefined scenarios. For example, without human intervention, the program can move the tariff plan by regular special, based on the web addresses visited, date, or specified time.It may restrict access to the Internet on the basis of time users online, daily or monthly traffic boundaries, IP -adrasy, string URL, or the specified speed limits. The administrator can view detailed information about the status of active sessions for each user, including IP-address, user name, bytes sent or received, and visited policy settings filtering URL URLs.By, the administrator can restrict access to the ridiculous websites, create Promotional filters and prevent bandwidth abuse. UserGate Proxy Server Firewall includes statistics module that allows you to create a variety of reports on the use of the Internet and export them to MS Excel, as well as automated e-mail detailed Internet statistics for the users. Other useful features include: Network Address Translation (NAT), various user authorization methods, Port Mapping (taking into account the traffic will be routed from one port to another), firewall (protection against hackers), resource publishing (Internet access for local network resources), HTTP resources caching, remote administration, and many others. With its intuitive and well-designed interface, UserGate Proxy Server Firewall can be used by both beginners and advanced users. UserGate supports HTTP, FTP, POP3, SMTP, IMAP4, Telnet, IRC, NNTP, ICQ and all other protocols over UDP / TCP. Free Trial 30-Day is available.