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Willing WebCam 5.53


Category: Internet|WebCam
Developer: Willing Software
Size: 14 MB
Seeds: 147
Peers: 95

Willing webcam webcam software that will help you use your web camera for your video, surveillance, instant messaging, and more. Willing Webcam will surprise you with its many features. There is a camera, you can record your daily activities as live streaming video to share life with friends and family. No matter where they are, your friends and family can visit our website to see what you have
Now they do. You can also create your own streaming videos for YouTube and video sharing other ships. If you
E often away from home, you can use this webcam software to detect movement at home any of you. Remote control allows you to send e-mails, text, SMS, or to order http control the camera. You can use a webcam willing to follow, the economy nannies, and other visitors to your home. To save the evidence, upload files to FTP sites, or E -mail to send attachments with your e-mail address. The webcam is used to control the motion sensor to activate the camera and trigger an action, for example, to send a message via e-mail or SMS, set the FTP site, ringing, or start another application. The time until the expiration of hearing WebCam allows you to record video at a certain time point. Use it as a DVR (digital video), you can record and then later films. Willing to integrate webcam with messenger programs such as Skype and Windows Live Messenger. This is handy for video chat with your friends or meeting vith Business Association scattered all over the world. Also, if your video device does work with IM, you can transfer video webcam driver uses the medium. Willing webcam works with most USB and FireWire (IEEE 1394) video devices, including webcams, video cameras, video, television and video capture cards, TV tuners and IP network cameras. It also supports the pan, tilt, and zoom Logitech Orbit.