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WiNc 2.2 build 1492 Download Torrent


Category: Network Tools|Network/IP Scanner
Developer: Cirond Corporation
Size: 12 MB
Seeds: 138
Peers: 78

IT professionals and business professionals alike szlig; s to t If you auml wireless networks; work.Yet adjusted to the management of
OAM 802.11 on different networks can be time consuming and frustrating task. Cironds f uuml; hrenden WINC wireless connectivities auml; t tool makes it easy. Some wireless cards, notebook computer or Pocket PC client software that come with the re; One end of the main challenges of proprietary auml can be through. WINC makes it very easy. In addition to the main Dar by K ouml; Network administrators can use WINC, consistent, best-in-class wireless connectivities single provide users with auml; t the tool across the enterprise. Manage wireless network connections -Cironds WINC client automatically detects (F R for Windows or Pocket PC uuml) and 802.11 networks and stores pers Connecting ouml; Personal profile so users can easily connect automatically to their favorite wireless – wireless connection without reconfiguring the WEP settings for each time.Collaborating – their customer or supplier b Whether working uuml; f ro uuml amp ;; an hour, a day or a week R – you K ouml; WINC can use to quickly create documents and network resources. WINC erm ouml; glicht a secure 802.11 based ad-hoc networks are used immediately furnished navigation anywhere, anytime, erm ouml; that share the same time and to work on documents in real-time collaborative work groups, glicht without access points. This function can be used erm ouml for example, a group of people; adjusted at the same time working on a spreadsheet to prepare a budget k ouml; all possible; . so quickly knee multi-user setting multiple Tablet PC using a whiteboard software skins M ouml; the opportunity to use navigation features -Unterst Gbari lists for navigation estimate f uuml networks; Dom’s Windows auml; nena message -Instantly able to use the Internet AV navigation to a specific wireless network pr fen use the navigation bar to the lability of the known type Schaltfl auml sharing between attitudes about the use of navigation to save and adapters chen-matching networks with little or as much information as you look to find -Integrated Ping / trace routing and use the navigation tool, the connectivities r auml ;, use the navigation feature in the list of networks Gbari care f ability uuml; The most r Wireless PC Card, CompactFlash Wi t want to sort and on-board diagnostics -The R Automatic Wi-Fi network adapter to use navigation features auml all Gbari detect wireless networks, such as szlig; On public WiFi networks; Lich SSID, channel and WEP status automatically and the user network profiles Private ouml users to connect to a user-defined priority on auml; the t szlig; Automatic WEP Key navigation guidance for the use of the Lich -Unterst estimation using the navigation key to estimate f uuml; AutoKey Cironds WEP Key’s navigation system -Automatic delivery WEP Key Configuration Use the navigation key to scroll -Automatic use WEP key rotation Key -Automatic profiling O ntilde; ati-based network permits access to the network channel assignment and load (Cirond WINC Manager 2.0 with the use of) f reconciliation uuml; r h ouml; Access to the third throughput whats new in this version: -Winc software skins can now be adjusted. -user K ouml; You can use the list navigation features Gbari networks and access points use -Unterst navigation estimate f uuml; Dom’s Windows auml; nena message to WINC is now built. Chen change the toolbar and quickly switch between settings Schaltfl auml new – it is not so easy to use Internet AV main navigation navigation navigation DaytonaPlease fen lability to a specific wireless network. -Winc Rom ouml; glicht users to customize their view of the network adapters so that the information they see little or as much as they want. T diagnosis; -Winc Ping / Trace routing integrated, it is a tool connectivities auml included.