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WinDVD Creator Gold 3.0B001.214C00 Download Torrent


Category: CD/DVD Tools|CD/DVD Rip/Other Tools
Developer: InterVideo, Inc
Size: 53 MB
Seeds: 140
Peers: 54

Extend your creativity and master your own production titles using WinDVD Cr euml; wr Here are some highlights of WinDVD Cr euml; wr Gold :! feature Movie Smart -new permits aacute; ui create a movie immediately with access Style menu Single capture, edit, author and burn your DVD / CD itself Take your creations film portable on Apple iPod or Sony PSP Support recording program HDTV, edit and produce -DVD, VCD, Slideshow DVD / CD, DVD + – Dual Layer Format SupportCaptureWinDVD Cr euml; man is compatible with a wide range of input devices so you can capture TV and HDTV programs with DVD navigation menu, or direct record your videos analog .EditWinDVD Cr euml; wr provides advanced editing tools? Time stretching, scene detection, split cut, audio tracks added. Users can work in Storyboard or Timeline mode movie with fancy transition effects.AuthorWinDVD Cr euml; wr offers advanced editing tools to create? Time stretching, scene detection, split cut, audio tracks added. Users can work in Storyboard or Timeline mode to create a movie with fancy transition effects.OutputWinDVD Cr euml; wr to choose a gallery with many menu templates theme for users, or users can customize their own templates menu. Motion menus, icons and menus chapter offers music in your movie with Make Movie supported.BurnMake Wizard. You have a range of output options, which includes VCD, SVCD, DVD on CD, DVD, DVD + DL, DVD-DL and DVD +/- VR. Users can also click the means to access a disk or record video to disc directly.LaunchPadEasy any given task, click and play! With click on the icon attention task, WinDVD Cr euml; wr 3 Launchpad opens the application you are ready to use them. CaptureCompatible with each input DevicesPlug camcorder, DV camera, Webcam, WDM-compliant input device, TV tuner card / analog HDTV, S-Video composite video (to hook up your VCR), IEEE 1394 or USB tuner device in your computer. WinDVD Creator 3 can recognize a wide-technology proven it.World Video EncoderOur guarantee you always get the best picture quality when recording video automatically in real time. MPEG2, MPEG4, NTSC, PAL, tell you, we support it. EditNew Approach to Movie EditingNow you can change using the new Time Stretch feature speed control and play video! Accelerating up, slow it down in your will. In addition to time Stretch, trim, split cut, scene detection, add audio tracks, add audio mixer, add video filters, add tons of transitions great effects to make your film is also available. Still Image ManipulationAdd your favorite family vacation, scenery, etc … for a film project. Add captions as well music to your pictures and treat them even more by rotating whatever you want. Add transitions between your photos or pictures to video with your finger and tips.Storyboard Timeline Storyboard is an easy way for users to drag and drop your new video clips and photos, and easy to see your transitions and effects. Timeline creates precise and professional film, suitable for advanced users. AuthorThemed Menu Template For, stylish menu for your DVD or easy VCD? WinDVD Creator 3 provides templates menu theme that match your style and give your movie a polished look! Menus offer MenuMotion make your videos look like Hollywood productions? use video as background current menu or numbers on the video or picture menus. Want more information? what about the chapters in your menu for video as well !! With this new addition in WinDVD Cr euml; wr 3, all you need for a professional look is being provided now! Menu OptionsCustomize your menus by changing, moving resize the buttons, add shadow and change its color for a unique look.Movie Preview Preview your movie as you would on DVD finished. Watch your movie with a navigation menu and did not record the time to spend the DVD itself. Fast forward, rewind if you are a real DVD, but with the option to edit and create DVD part when you are ready! Free trial will -It ends 14 days fr …